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Meet the New Board of Directors!

  • Tue, December 31, 2024
  • 11:30 PM

Welcome the PWN 2024 Board of Directors

Tracie Root, Rebecca Tope, Violet Giovannini, Marlene Corpus, Elisabeth Stitt, Julianne Wutkey, Carrie Asuncion, Krista Beavers, Patty Farmer, Theresa Ream, Liz Barton & Caterina Rando.

 Use the PWN Directory to look up these wonderful women and get to know them in 2024. Invite them to a virtual or live coffee date, connect with them at our events. Ask how PWN can help you grow your business. Ask how you can be of service to the members of PWN.

Let's make this Year a great one.

Have a Very Happy New Year!

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