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Past Women of the Year

Every year PWN selects one member to receive the prestigious Woman of the Year Award. This award is given to those individuals whose lives and work have made a significant impact  on PWN and the community. They are excellent role models, involved in PWN and their community, and stand out as exemplary business owners. The following women have be honored as PWN’s Woman of the Year. 

Carrie Asuncion & Patty Farmer 2024

Megan Merz 2023

Jody Royee 2022

Gina Estrada 2021

Marion Gellatly 2020

Julie Ahearn 2019

Ileen Groves 2018

Denise Kaku 2017

Doris Beckman 2016

Laurie Bend  2015

Cammie Jones  2014

Julie Foucht  2013

Donna Brandt  2011

Mary Jeanne Vincent  2010

Leslie Bruhn  2009

Wendy Brickman  2008

Dr. Jeanette Kern, DDS  2007

Phyllis Grillo-Weinbrenner  2006

LuAnne Hutchings  2005

Theresa Ream  2004

Rosemary Leonard  2003

Loralyn Thompson  2002

Jean Stallings  2001

Lee Whitney  2000

Sarah Lincoln  1999

Sandra Collingwood  1998

Audrey Pierson  1997

Donna Aikins  1996

Jane Deuber  1995

Ripple Huth  1994

Bonnie Baker  1993

Sara Kilpatrick-Pashin  1992

Mary Looram  1991

Sue Parris  1990

Betty Powell  1989

Bette Phillips  1988

Riane Eisler  1987

Karin Strasser Kaufman 1986

Carol Donald  1985

Grace Darcy  1984

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