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Professional Women's Network of Monterey is proud to announce the 2020 Woman of the Year Marion Gellatly owner of Powerful Presence.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of our organization. She is creative, energetic and upbeat. She always has an encouraging word for everyone and is a very enthusiastic networker. She actively supports and refers clients to other PWN members and can always be counted on to do what she says she will do. 

Marion is a Professional Wardrobe Strategist & Certified Image Master. She has guided women of all ages through the transition periods in their lives, both professional & personal. 

Marion knows the value of customer service and goes above and beyond to deliver value. She believes in her business and is not shy about sharing the benefits with current, past and potential clients. She is warm, friendly and puts other at ease. Marion has served as chairperson of the very successful Team Up for Democracy fundraiser that over the years has generated thousands of dollars for PWN operating costs.

 Marion has held several board positions including Vice President, President, and Past President. In the recent past, she assumed the helm as President of the Association of Image Consultants International. She has been recognized as an outstanding professional in her field and is one of only 19 certified Image Masters Worldwide.



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