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    • 18 Jan 2021
    • 10:00 AM (PST)
    • 31 Jan 2021
    • 8:00 PM (PST)
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    Joie Gharrity and Roxanne Lynch

    PWN Digital Influencer Chair Committee 



    January 18, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    Joie and Roxanne will do a demo post in our PWN Facebook Group

    Please Read the following Directions from your PWN Digital Influencer Chair Committee.

    This is about Developing your social media presence now!

    It is now vital for your business's continuing profitability and ensuring your position as an influencer in your particular industry to learn proven social media practices.

    You can move from being a trend follower to a trend setter in your field because information moves quickly from one social media posting to the next. 

    A strong social media presence builds a strong customer base by staying on top of mind.

    Digital Influencers Joie Gharrity and Roxanne Lynch have a combined digital reach of 3.5 million online net reach and they are passionate about the digital arena.

    They know that it is the ultimate networking tool to emotionally connect and be of service by sharing their gifts and talents with the marketplace and create deep personal and professional relationships that turns into a know, like, trust and reliability.

    The third Monday of every month they be sharing a digital influencer tool exclusively with the PWN Members that can be implemented immediately to grow the memberships digital influence which in turn builds a strong customer base.

    Ready, Set, Go!

    PWN Digital Influencer Tool:

    We recommend that this Digital Influencer Tool can be implemented today to grow your digital influence.

    • Make sure to tag Joie Gharrity and Roxanne Lynch to your post so that we can support and cheer you on.

    How to : Increase Your Digital Influence by Spotlighting Others

    Shining the spotlight on other people’s brands, products and services across all of your business channels is an effective brand strategy you can use to leverage your brand to the next level. While it may seem counterintuitive to share the spotlight, the truth is that recognizing the contributions of others will lend your brand credibility while attracting attention to your brand’s message.

    As you begin to put others at center stage, you will be building personal and professional connections that will return the spotlight in your brand’s direction and increase your impact, influence and visibility to a wider audience.

    This strategy will gain you and your brand even bigger results when community groups or even business alliance partners make it their attention to spotlight each other’s brands often across all of their business channels. You want to be sure that it is with people you know, like and trust. Each individual spotlight can quickly grow especially if the group collectively has a large social media network. Ask each member to tally up his or her social media network numbers and then collectively add all of the numbers together. You may be surprised by the amount of power you can collectively leverage each other’s brand. By spotlighting one another consistently in your individual networks you are opening up your brands to new audiences and doors of golden opportunities.

    You can take this brand strategy and apply it to every facet of your life. Look around your workplace, home and community to discover those around you who could benefit from standing in the spotlight. Who deserves some recognition for their most recent accomplishment? Consider those who helped you early on in the development of your brand, or perhaps someone who is just beginning to build their own. Then, write an editorial, link to their website or honor them at your next event. There are a number of ways to illuminate those who deserve recognition.

    When you turn the spotlight on other brands, you will find the spotlight turning back to shine directly on your brand. People love to support those who they know support them. With this said, remember that this strategy only works when you are leading from your heart and a place of integrity. But if you are loyal to your brand’s message as you spotlight the success of others, you will increase your brand spotlight and gain greater impact, influence and visibility in the marketplace.

    How to Spotlight Others:

    Step #1: Choose a person, brand or network that you want to spotlight today.

    Step #2: Create a social media post and make sure to include why you are spotlighting… and add an image. It can be of the person, brand logo, network logo, an image that is inspirational. Go for it and just follow what makes your heart sing.

    Step #3: Make sure to tag Joie Gharrity, Roxanne Lynch & the person, brand or network when posting your spotlight share across your social media channels.

    Step #4: Now you are in their social media backyard by tagging them and they are in yours via social media. It is the ultimate win win.

    Step #5: Congratulate yourself for showing up big. Make sure to incorporate this social media strategy every week. It will elevate other brands including your own to superstar status.

    • 03 Feb 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (PST)
    • ZOOM Registration Required

    Michelle Kopper

    Founder The Inspired Voice Business Coaching

    Creator of Fearless Facebook Live Formula, Powerful Presence LIVE & Host of the Give Voice To Your Vision Show

    Transformational Message Mentor, Michelle Kopper, helps coaches, healers, speakers, and other visionary entrepreneurs "market from the inside out" to increase your visibility, build your credibility, and create consistent profitability.  As the creator of the Fearless Facebook Live Formula and the Dare To Soar Experience, Michelle has helped thousands of people unleash their message as they give voice to their vision: online, onstage, and on-video.   Contact Michelle Here

    Ream Company Websites

    Cypress Cabinets

    Disaster Kleen

    Flooring America Monterey

    Call : 831-899-3938

    Theresa Ream 

    President of Professional Women's Network.

    President, Co-Founder and Owner of the Ream Companies, which offer full service restoration, construction, and remodeling services, and includes Disaster Kleenup Specialists, Ream Construction, Cypress Cabinets, Flooring America's Floor Store USA. 

    She also holds a Woman-Owned Small Business Certification through the SBA and the California Public Utilities Commission. Theresa is a member of The National Institute of Disaster Restoration, National Association of Remodeling Industry, Disaster Kleenup International and more.

    Theresa's favorite role is being a strong grandmother, leading her two grandsons to be successful.

    Contact Laura Here

    Mission Community Services Corporation is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to become self-sustaining, successful contributors to their communities, with special assistance for women, low-income, minority, veterans, and non-profit businesses in San Luis Obispo, Kern, and Monterey Counties.



    MCSC offers monthly business workshops that are open to the public.


    "Start, Run & Grow" a twelve-session entrepreneurial training course that will equip you with the necessary knowledge,  tools, and resources to start and/or grow your business.

    NO-COST BUSINESS CONSULTING (Technical Assistance):

    MCSC's Women's Business Center is  full-service, technical assistance and training resource for entrepreneurs of all stages.

    MCSC is in its 10th continuous year and was recently recognized as the 2016 Women's Business Center of the Year.

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