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Jody Royée  PWN's 2022 Woman of the Year

with her faithful life time friends

Jody grew up in West Los Angeles, California learned to swim at 3 yrs old,  ski at 5 and sail boats at 8. She started traveling the world at 13 and is really not afraid of much. 
A few notable family facts: 
She is a 1st generation Polish US Citizen on her dad's side and her mom's family immigrated from France in the 1600's. 
 She has a signer of the Declaration of Independence in her mom's family tree and her great aunt survived Auschwitz. Her maiden name is Wojciechowski but after she divorced, her ex-husband suggested that she might honor her mother's side of the family and use her French grandmother’s maiden name. 

She graduated from USC Fine Art & Design School in photography & sculpture. She got her teaching credential in K-Adult Art and taught in Los Angeles for 8 years.  She traded her teaching career for world travel and traded her darkroom for the biggest iMac she could buy and Adobe software. She is grateful to have traveled to 26 countries and island nations. The influence of other cultures is vital to her education, grateful and joyful nature.

She moved to the Monterey Peninsula in 1990 & lives in beautiful Carmel Valley.  She is grateful every day for her relationship with Jesus, her life partner, family & friends.  She enjoys being with her animals, hiking / Mt. biking and traveling the world.

Jody has been the Professional Woman's Network Technology Chair for 4 year and has been a major player in keeping PWN thriving through the Covid Pandemic. 

One of her many gifts besides mastering technology is helping people tune inside and become aware of their Divine inner voice of guidance. She helps people get centered and actualize their hidden dreams and abandoned desires.

She helps people navigate the scary transitions & unfamiliar territory that their passions, purpose, and desires require of them. She helps people break through the Terror Barriers that hold them captive in fear, anxiety, lack and limiting paradigms.

She helps people Master the power of their mind so they can confidently & constantly move in the direction of their personal and professional vision.

You can learn about her business at  Monterey Marketing 360

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