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  • Wed, April 24, 2024 10:32 PM | Jody Royee (Administrator)

    Today I sat down with the current president of The Professional Women’s Network, Julianne Wutke.

    Julianne is a Vibrant Living expert and Certified Health Coach that helps women over 50 look and feel better than ever.

     Women come to her when “nothing else seems to work” to help resolve their big health and wellness challenges.

    What makes her coaching so successful is that she helps women “level up” their old habits for better ones.  Her clients know the feeling of FINALLY making those positive changes they want most and making them last.

    So, let’s get some Expert Insights from Julianne

    What inspired you to start your own business, and how did you overcome any initial challenges? 

    My biggest inspiration for starting my business was that I needed help so badly. I was in total denial with both food and alcohol and the body changes that come with being in my 50’s made it seem worse. I was feeling like an old person.  I was 50 pounds overweight and felt miserable. I knew I needed a different path. 

    And what was your biggest hurdle? 

    Honestly, the biggest hurdle was being the face of my business. At times I’m a little bit of an introvert and I don’t like being the center of attention.

    What advice would you give to other women who are considering starting their own businesses?

    I believe you must make up your mind, are you all in on this business and this is going to support you? Or are you doing this as a hobby?  Then dial in your business practices and find a mentor that can walk alongside you. Someone that’s doing it well and is successful.  Reading the classical self-help books helped me tremendously too.

    How do you balance work and personal life as a woman entrepreneur?

    My Hack is my calendar and I set aside time for blocking important goals and tasks. Morning time is my best work time, so I make sure I “eat the fog” first thing in my day.

    What strategies have you found most effective for networking and building professional relationships in your industry?

     PWN has been huge for getting to know other women, and the uplifting support I get from other members is amazing. Find a group that you are drawn to, then get involved. It will pay off.

    What person has helped you move forward or changed your life in some way?

     I would have to say Sandra Collingwood. She is a long-time member of PWN. I watch her and she is always moving forward to the next level, and she consistently finds something to appreciate every day. She doesn’t set limitations for herself; she is always out and about and truly enjoys people.

    Can you share a significant milestone or achievement in your journey and the lessons you learned from it?

    One of my fondest milestones was being asked to be on a board. I was 100 percent out of my comfort zone, and I did feel awkward.  It helped me to play as a team and to be less opinionated and more diplomatic. I learned to value others’ opinions. On a board the most important thing is to do what’s right for the group you are serving. 

    How do you prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance while running your own business?

    You need to calendar your selfcare.  Selfcare is fun and we can train ourselves to look forward to this rewarding time.  I stay on track with plenty of sleep, mediation, gratitude journaling and my dog takes me for lots of walks. Most importantly we need to reconnect with what our bodies are telling us intuitively. We know what foods make us feel good.  Remember, a chocolate chip cookie is a treat not a staple!

    Thank you, Julianne, for this great interview, it’s inspiring to see a business built on a drive to overcome your own health issues and to live a vibrant life. You are truly making a positive change in women’s lives.

    Julianne grew up in Paradise, California one of 10 children in a closely-knit family.  Later, she moved to the Monterey area, and has lived there for 41 years and counting.

    Julianne has been married to Gregg Wutke for 37 years and keeps him healthy, happy and fit.

    Check out Juliann’s most Popular Short Program: 

     " The 5-Day Reset"

    5 days of enjoying real, whole food to reset, re-balance and look and feel better right away!  We do this group program every season, so we can enjoy seasonal foods and recipes, and learn even more about how to nourish our bodies and our lives.

    Julianne Wutke
    Vibrant Living Expert
    Certified Health Coach/Certified Life Coach
    Julianne Wutke Health Coaching

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  • Fri, April 19, 2024 12:09 AM | Jody Royee (Administrator)

    PWN is a fun interactive professional networking group of enthusiastic women supporting & honoring each other for their personal fulfillment and business success.

    We exist to create an environment of empowerment in which women come together in a spirit of collaboration providing opportunities to build lasting relationships, professional development, and business connections.

    We are a National Professional Women's Organization based on the Monterey Peninsula since 1983. Members have networking opportunities throughout Monterey County, the United States and Canada. PWN is the largest organization of professional women (and a few outstanding businessmen) in Monterey County.  

    Our membership is a diverse group, comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, and employees.


    • Build your business and referral network.
    • Attend monthly Live Networking / Speaker Events on zoom.
    • Share your business on our social media platforms.
    • Develop friends and business relationships.
    • Be a guest speaker. 
    • Sponsor an Event
    • Showcase your business at the monthly meetings.
    • Give and receive referrals.
    • Create a Master Mind.

    Professional Women's Network of the Monterey Peninsula stands as a beacon for women growing and thriving as professionals. This network, established with the aim of empowering women through community and support, offers a plethora of resources geared towards professional success and personal growth.

    Founded in 1983, the network has grown from a small group of ambitious women to a thriving community with numerous members. Initially focused on providing basic support and networking opportunities, it has expanded to include comprehensive programs designed to address the unique challenges faced by women professionals.

    The core mission of the Professional Women's Network of the Monterey Peninsula is to empower, inspire, and support women to achieve their full professional potential. This is achieved through a commitment to inclusivity, mentorship, and the continuous pursuit of networking opportunities. 

    Zoom Networking Events and Monthly Live Mixers provide an educational and relaxed atmosphere for members to connect, share about their business and foster lasting professional and personal relationships.

    The future looks bright for the Professional Women's Network of the Monterey Peninsula as it continues to innovate and adapt to the changing landscapes of the business world, ensuring that women everywhere thrive in business. 

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