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                         2019 Woman of the Year

                                Julie Ahearn

True Idea Photography and Video

  - Is active and involved in PWN (president, active “past president”, Comm Chair, Tech Chair)

   -Has excellent outreach and networking skills. She consistently reaches out to individuals with curiosity,        generosity, and creative business leads. She’s also an exceptional listener.  I’ve experienced this                    personally, and have witnessed her making introductions, setting people at ease, greeting newcomers,            etc., in countless settings. 

   - Possesses effective marketing skills for her biz: creates visibility with pro bono contributions to non-           profits, is active in social media, belongs to biz referral organizations, and regularly refreshes her brand         and her business offer to create even more pizzazz and connection. 

  - Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills as president of PWN. As a member of the Board, I had a front row seat as she dealt with difficult financial and interpersonal challenges with grace, poise, and grit. She took on hard topics (revamping our software/website platform, for example) with an extraordinary dedication and fiscally prudent commitment. 

- Is a biz pro I want to emulate: she’s both generous w her time & talent, and has healthy boundaries; she stays current w her profession’s changing technology; she adapts as market shifts occur. 

- Is an active community contributor: her involvement in non-profits includes but is not limited to providing services to the Arts Council for Monterey County; ACTION Council; PWN; Monterey Chamber of Commerce; Central Coast HR Association; and Tuba Christmas Monterey. 

- Novel and innovative in her creative approach to telling her clients’ stories through video and still portraits. She is a weaver of a well-told tale, and helps her clients shine!

- Stands out as an exemplary business owner by virtue of her success, her longevity, and her continuous pursuit of excellence in her profession. 

- Actively supports PWN members by continuing to offer her leadership services in keeping our organization and members visible via her Tech Chair role - long after many might think she’s contributed far more than could reasonably be expected of a PWN member.  She creates a warm splash of energy whenever she often says, “okay everybody, time for a group photo!”  And have you noticed? When she does this, she’s generously behind that camera vs. in the limelight. She is a genuine servant leader. 

- Has balanced her professional life with raising 2 kids to adulthood, and creating a solid base from which they are launching.  She’s recently assisted her husband through a period of serious illness, and has managed to keep the family boat afloat during this life-storm - with grace, tenacity, optimism, and inspiring vitality. 

- Has many and varied interests that nurture her mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional well-being. 

- Is an outstanding example of balancing care for others with a commitment to her own self-care. 

Julie is a rare individual who often expresses herself with self-deprecating humor and humility— yet who also has strongly held ethical principles, clear insights, relentless determination when she knows something needs to be done for the good of the whole, and an ability to soften any room she’s in with radiance and good cheer. 

It was a deep honor to be on her Board of Directors, and to watch her leadership skills flourish. She has been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me during my 4 years with PWN, and I’ve watched her do her behind-the-scenes networking magic with many other members— new and old.

I can think of no one else who deserves the WOTY honor more than Julie. 

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