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May 19th PWN Lunch Speaker Series

  • Thu, May 19, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom Registration Required
  • 60

Meet our Guest Speaker

Victoria Sexton

Founder of

Align Wealth Coaching

Author of Effortless Money & The Prosperity Journal

Effortless Money:

3 Steps to Fast-Track Your Financial Success

This powerful program will show you:

Why mindset is more than just positive thinking

How to leverage your money mindset for financial wins and my favorite quick tip to shift your mindset

Why a monthly money action plan is key to making your money easy

Why knowing what you should do each month makes it easy to simplify and streamline your finances

Quick shifts to help you tap into & activate your inner wealthy woman

3 Takeaways we can expect to learn.

1. How to shift their money mindset

2. Why having a money system is so important

3. Why you should make decisions that your wealthy future self will appreciate.

Victoria Sexton is the founder of Align Wealth Coaching, creator of the Effortless Money System, and host of The Don’t Play With Trash podcast.

After spending years of working in finance and still not feeling confident about her money, she discovered her own secret sauce, combing a money mindset with a straightforward personal finance system. Now she teaches that same system to her clients.

 Read Victoria's Book Here:

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