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PWN 2021 President 

Theresa Ream 
Disaster Kleenup / Cypress Design & Build / Floor Store USA's Flooring

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2020 President Theresa Ream News Letter 

Dearest Members and Friends of PWN

It’s been a pretty good start to the year. We have had three board meetings so far and the board is working diligently to bring fun, networking and opportunities for more business leads this month with our evening meeting, lunch at PF Changs that was well attended and our coffee meeting. The schedule of events will heat up with our first member mixer at Mariam Shatilova’s Principal Beauty Studio on March 12th. Wendy Brickman our Social Outing Chairperson is planning a possible dinner and comedy night out at Cibo’s Restaurant and the Golden State Theatre in April. Our May Member Expo is also in the planning. Why all this getting together and having fun, we are a business network, we are supposed to be serious? Nope! We do business with people we like. How do we get people to like us? We are interested in them. We ask them questions, we actually listen, we get to know them and find ways to be of help to them. How do we turn business prospects off? We only talk about ourselves, our business and what we do, we try to sell them. Sandra Collingwood puts it this way, “PWN is farming, it’s not hunting.” We are not going to go kill it and drag it back to the cave, we are going to grow our relationships by watering and nurturing them.

Next I want to talk a bit about our ongoing business and life education. Most of us stop our formal education between the ages of 18 to 24. After that most of our continuing education comes from the people we meet, the books we read and the podcasts we listen to along with some on the job training in our professional lives. PWN provides the opportunities to meet people and further our learning horizon’s by leaps and bounds. One of the pod casts that I really enjoy is Seth Godin’s Akimbo. Seth is a marketing and business Master. One of his videos talks about three factors of successful learning:

Number One is enrollment. We sign up for something voluntarily that we want to participate and learn from... Walla! PWN . Enrollment is about curiosity and passion its about choosing to go on a journey. As individuals we decide we want to go further and we show up.

Number Two is to find the others. What does this mean? We find others with similar goal structures and together we create a culture. You have heard the saying “ People like us do things like this?” Together as an organization we Model the things we should do, we connected with each other and as a group we are much stronger.

Number Three is Habits. It’s the story we tell ourselves and the things we start to do consistently to develop habits to either improve ourselves or weaken ourselves. So we must build habits around who we want to become. A good example is the person who wants to be fit. They do it by starting day one working out, not by talking about what they want to do but by starting the habit and doing it every day not just when they feel like it, we never feel like going to the the gym or going to that evening meeting but we usually are glad we did and we like the results when we are consistent. As time passes we become our habits.

Lastly, as the new year and new decade start, let’s start building our habits. Within PWN it’s first showing up, it’s about stretching our comfort zone and reaching out. It’s about getting involved and using our talents. Let’s choose habits that match our goals and dreams.

I look forward to seeing you at our many gatherings!

And that’s a wrap!


-Theresa Ream

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